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Discover our diverse range of printing services featuring advanced techniques like Plastisol and water-based inks. For striking, vibrant designs, our Plastisol printing stands out as a superior choice. If you prefer a softer, more tactile finish, we highly recommend our Water-Based print, renowned for its premium quality and luxurious feel. Elevate your prints with our high-end printing methods.

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Embroidery is a sophisticated method of embellishing fabric or materials using computerized embroidery machines and digitized artwork. The process commences with the meticulous digitization of your logo or design. Upon your approval of the digitized logo, we meticulously embroider the design onto your selected product.


We offer Services to meet all of your custom print needs. From Screen Printing to Embroidery Velz is your one-stop shop. Learn more about our featured services today!



Explore our professional finishing options at our screen printing shop! Elevate your printed garments and materials with services like hemming, folding, tagging, and packaging. Enhance your products’ appeal and stand out in the market with our expert finishing options!

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Custom Neck Labels

Custom Neck Labels

Enhance your brand’s identity with custom neck labels for your garments. Our screen printing shop offers high-quality, custom-designed neck labels that can feature your logo, brand name, care instructions, and more. Ensure your brand is front and center with every product, adding a professional touch that sets you apart from the competition.
Hem Tags

Hem Tags

Add a personalized touch to your garments with custom hem tags. Our screen printing shop offers the option to create custom hem tags that feature your logo, brand message, or any other design you choose. These tags are a great way to add branding to your products and give them a professional, finished look that customers will love.

Folding & Bagging

Folding & Bagging

Save time and effort with our folding and bagging services. We’ll carefully fold each garment and then package it in a bag, ready for retail or distribution. This service not only streamlines your process but also ensures that your products arrive in perfect condition, ready to impress your customers.

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